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    11 Reasons Why You Should Use a Marketing Calendar

    A marketing calendar is an indispensable tool for marketing and social media professionals. However, if you are hesitant to use this tool, stay here!

    Today, Digital Out Loud is going to explain everything you need to know about a marketing calendar and give you 11 reasons why you should use this tool.

    A marketing calendar: what is it?

    Marketing calendar, also known as editorial calendar, is a very useful planning tool.

    Using this tool, the user can set specific goals and build a social media marketing strategy. The use of a calendar helps maintain consistency between the content you post, the delivery channel you use, and the type of marketing you employ.

    Why is a marketing calendar important?

    A marketing calendar is essential, as it ensures that major marketing activities don’t get overlooked among all the others.

    Here are 11 reasons why you should use a marketing calendar.

    Global visualization

    A marketing calendar allows members of a marketing team to view planned marketing activities at a glance. In fact, it will give you a global view of your campaigns in the coming months, or even over the year. This will help avoid poorly planned and poorly organized interventions.

    Anticipation and planning ahead

    Using the marketing calendar, you can plan your communications to save time and devote yourself to other subjects. The publication schedule allows you to develop and build an effective strategic communication plan.

    Helps achieve goals set

    It is important for a marketing department to have an established and detailed marketing calendar in order to achieve the goals and plans defined in the companies marketing strategy and marketing plan.

    Grow your business

    A marketing calendar allows you to manage the animation and the variety of your communications, to define a budget for your actions, to measure your campaigns and to modify them according to the next similar event. This will generate a well-thought-out communication on social networks, which will be more effective.

    Work efficiency

    Lacking a marketing calendar could lead to fragmented marketing activities, which would not allow the company to effectively attract, convert, and retain customers.

    Time saving

    You will be able to organize everything in advance because all the details will be defined (subject, dates, times). By doing this, you will be more productive and have more time to work on other projects.

    Team flexibility

    A monthly or quarterly plan will allow teams to be flexible enough to adapt to changes while focusing on the changing needs of their business.

    Post regularly

    Your online presence will benefit from you being able to publish multimedia content on a more regular basis, which will have beneficial effects on your online presence.

    Quality content

    You will be able to produce more quality content because you will have time to create it without rushing. It will be more engaging, more varied, and more coherent. Thus, you will avoid posting boring and repetitive posts.

    No more fear of facing a blank page

    Using this calendar, you will be able to determine what, when, and where to post your content based on the key elements you have listed.

    Respect your retro plan

    The marketing calendar will help you save time on a daily basis. Indeed, this tool will allow you to set up a marketing action plan with an elaborate schedule that will tell you what you need to know, produce, when and why.


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