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    6 Reasons Why You Should Create a LinkedIn Newsletter for Your Business

    What is a LinkedIn Newsletter?

    LinkedIn Newsletters are a series of articles on a specific topic in your area of expertise that only your LinkedIn contacts have access to. And unlike the articles you usually publish that risk being drowned in publications, members of your LinkedIn network will receive a notification when your newsletter is published.

    What is the difference between a LinkedIn article and a LinkedIn newsletter?

    The main difference is that when you post an article, it is added to your newsfeed. Contacts cannot find out about your profile unless they consult their news feed.

    When you publish a newsletter, your subscribers will receive a notification, which will have the effect of increasing the visibility and consumption of your content.

    Consequently, if you have the opportunity to publish a newsletter on LinkedIn, you should take advantage of it.

    6 reasons why you should create a LinkedIn newsletter for your business.

    Increase brand awareness

    Regularly publishing a LinkedIn newsletter can also help improve your brand’s visibility. If you cultivate your relationships carefully, the majority of your contacts should be people you could work with.

    A newsletter helps promote your brand to a targeted audience. This reminds them of the existence of your brand and highlights the solutions you offer.

    Expand your audience

    Like the majority of social media algorithms, LinkedIn favors the content with which Internet users interact the most.

    If you write a newsletter that piques the interest of your readers, LinkedIn will promote it, and it will be seen by more people. This allows you to increase the number of your followers on LinkedIn. Therefore, through this tool, you will reach a wider audience and make more meaningful connections.

    Create engagement

    It is important to note that some of your LinkedIn connections are irrelevant and will not interact with your content. A newsletter can help you grow your contact list. This is because when you invite people to subscribe to your newsletter, only those who have an interest in your topic will sign up. If your newsletter subscribers like the content you create, they will also be interested in your articles and posts.

    Strengthen your authority

    When we talk about authority, we talk about trust, matter of fact trust is an essential element for the growth of your company. It helps the company position itself as an authority in your industry. That is why a LinkedIn newsletter is the perfect tool for establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. If you provide high-quality content, your audience will see you as a reliable source and will be more likely to buy your products.

    Generate leads and grow your network

    A well-targeted LinkedIn newsletter can help generate leads for your business by showcasing your expertise. After all, it represents a major asset in your inbound marketing strategy.

    Improve your SEO

    LinkedIn’s newsletters are referenced in Google and contribute to your SEO (search engine optimization).

    How to create a newsletter from your company page on LinkedIn?

    Here are the six steps to follow for LinkedIn Company Pages.

    • Go to the company page that you manage.
    • Select Write an article.
    • Click on Create Newsletter.
    • Fill in the required fields: Newsletter title and description, publication frequency, add a logo or a picture for the newsletter, etc.
    • Click on Done.


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