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    8 Essential Tips on How to Become a Good Community Manager in 2023

    With social networks playing an increasingly important role in our lives, the role of Community Managers is also proving to be progressively crucial. But too many people think that it’s enough to just learn the basics of social networks and that’s all. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So, how should one become a good Community manager in 2023?

    Digital Out Loud has 8 tips that will help you understand the skills you need to get off to a good start in this activity. But before we jump on it, we will start by defining the role of a community manager.

    What is the role of a Community Manager?

    The role of community manager is not always well understood, especially given its recent emergence. Which brings us to ask ourselves, what is a community manager?

    The community manager has several functions. The main purpose is to play the role of intermediary between a well-defined community and the structure that hired him. He thus becomes the direct representative of the company or brand online.

    Its goal is to create and build accounts for brands, organizations, media, or personalities in order to attract a larger, more loyal, and more committed community.

    8 tips for becoming a good community Manager in 2023

    Possess professional training in communications and marketing

    Professional training is essential. Too many people jump into this activity without having undergone community manager training first. Don’t follow their example! It is, indeed, a job that requires specific skills.

    Community management requires training like any other profession. Today, there are many degree courses you can follow to become a community manager. Take the time to fully learn all the tricks of the trade.

    Be creative

    To be successful as a Community Manager, you must be very creative. Indeed, the latter is essential to stand out and be able to effectively reach its audience on the web, but also it allows the company to differentiate itself from its competitors.

    The strength of a community manager will be their ability to imagine, design, and apply new ideas.

    Be organized

    Because of the many tasks that this position entails, a Community Manager must have an impeccable organization. Social networks never sleep, which is why the company must be ready to respond at all times. In order to achieve this, the Community Manager has every interest in using management tools such as Hootsuite or Swello.

    An organization that is worthy of the name will then allow the Community Manager to have a head start, and therefore not to be overwhelmed in the event of the unexpected, and moreover not to make mistakes.

    Manage your e-reputation

    A great community manager takes care of a brand or product’s online reputation. In this context, it is important to be familiar with the brand you are dealing with. Passion for the role is a significant advantage. This will help you stand out and become the community manager everyone is looking for.

    Another major element of the Community Manager’s job is mastery of the sector in which he operates. It is therefore essential that you are fully familiar with this brand so that you don’t end up failing in one of your interventions, which could lead to a bad buzz.

    Have excellent spelling and grammar

    The Community Manager is the direct liaison between Internet users and the company. Therefore, the spelling must also be impeccable; a post, no matter how funny or relevant, will never be appreciated by the public if it contains mistakes. It would have a negative impact.

    This is why the community manager must be particularly vigilant and carry out thorough checks before any publications. It is more comfortable to double-check a publication before posting it, rather than face outraged or shocked Internet users.

    Your schedule should be based on a marketing calendar, also known as an editorial calendar

    A marketing calendar, also called an editorial calendar, is an essential tool for a Community manager. It includes all the important dates and upcoming events of the year. Thanks to this marketing tool, you can quickly assess all the important content you need to create for your marketing and communication campaigns. So that you never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience!

    You must be available to your customers 24/7

    The community manager must be available at all times to help his customers. Yes, you will have to work around the clock for them. And, this presence is not only a quality you should have when you want to become a good community manager, but it will also bring out the professionalism in the profession.

    But presence alone isn’t enough. It is essential to maintain a good relationship with your customers. When you engage in discussion with them, do not hesitate to establish a level of trust. Thus, you will be able to fully understand its requirements and respond to them adequately. You are aware that a satisfied customer will be able to bring you more in the future. Word of mouth can be a powerful weapon.

    Remain calm and cool-headed

    In order to be a good community manager, it is necessary to have the ability to keep your cool during crises or various criticisms, which can sometimes go as far as insults. It is important not to respond immediately and to take a step back from the aggressive reactions of Internet users. Community Manager must absolutely be able to respond with humor or calmly.


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