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    9 reasons to start using Google Data Studio

    What is Google Data Studio?

    Google Data Studio, also called Data Studio, is a free, easy-to-use platform for generating reports and data visualization.

    It is possible to use this tool to collect data from your Google accounts (Analytics, Ads, Search console, etc.), Facebook and YouTube, and display them in a single dashboard that is easy to edit, share and read.

    Data Studio is user-friendly and versatile. It helps your business and your team accelerate decisions and achieve better results.

    9 reasons to start using Google Data studio

    A free tool

    The Google Data Studio platform is a free tool that allows marketers and business owners to create data reports, free of charge.

    This tool provides you with a free and easy-to-use platform for explaining complex data.

    Unlimited access to widget options

    Google Data Studio lets you include an unlimited number of widgets, unlike Google Analytics, which only allows a maximum of 12 graphs or charts in a report.

    In addition, this platform allows you to create your reports in a very personalized way and to share your data in a simple way.

    Extraction from multiple sources

    The Google Data Studio platform stands out for its ability to leverage 12 different data sources that you can merge into your reports. This means you can collect and organize data from several major platforms. Such as: Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, etc.

    Reports are easy to read and share

    It is possible to change fonts, colors, themes, sizes, etc. to make each report more readable. This organization allows you to provide team members and business decision makers with a complete overview of your campaign.

    Google Data Studio also lets you share a link with others, who can then view and customize your reports. Moreover, this feature helps you make real-time edits while sharing. Your team can view the report and make changes simultaneously.

    The division of tasks between different teams saves companies and marketers a considerable amount of time!

    Generate dynamic reports

    Depending on your preferences, you can set certain gadgets to display real-time information. You can also choose to keep the data from previous months, according to your preferences. This report provides you with unlimited data options in order to better serve your business needs.

    An interactive experience

    This interactive feature allows users to view data more easily. Your reports will be shared digitally, allowing your company managers to click and edit the reports to see the data points they want. It also allows almost unlimited customization.

    The platform is accompanied by tutorials

    Google offers training that you can attach to the templates to make it easier for you to become an expert on this platform. It provides videos, tutorials on reports and data sources. Additionally, you can access the Google Data Studio Learning Center by selecting the “Help” option from the menu.

    Use Google Data Studio free templates

    The Google Data Studio platform is preconfigured with templates to help you write your reports, such as: Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Ads, and many more. It also contains templates for specific areas, such as e-commerce.

    Data Studio includes built-in social media reports

    With Data Studio, you can now publish your reports to social networks, from Facebook to Twitter. Through the platform, it is possible to download your reports in a simple way, and you can then share them to demonstrate an achievement, an experience or a study.

    Just copy and paste the report link into your social media post and publish it.


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