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    Digital Marketing Sector in Morocco: Between Very Small Businesses and Freelancers

    Digital marketing agencies are numerous in Morocco. From web agencies, SEO agencies, social media agencies, advertising agencies, and more, to digital agencies that manage all aspects of a business’s online presence.

    There are hundreds or even thousands of independent digital marketing freelancers in Morocco, and many very small businesses operating in the digital marketing sector. These two categories form a significant number of actors operating in this sector.

    From year to year, the number of businesses created in the digital marketing sector is in constant evolution. Why? Lately, young Moroccans are getting more and more fascinated by digital marketing, also these young enthusiasts don’t need a lot of money to start their digital marketing agency.

    However, self-employed entrepreneurs as well as very small businesses composed of a few individuals find it difficult to offer a diversified and complete range of digital marketing services. Indeed, a person or a few people can hardly master all digital marketing disciplines, so it would be difficult for them to answer to all customers needs.

    For example, to be good at all digital marketing aspects, it would be necessary to have skills in web development, SEO on-page and off-page, social media management, advertising, digital strategy, content creation, and this would still be a non-exhaustive list.

    In conclusion, it is difficult for one, two, or even three individuals to master the whole value chain. However, it is less valid when it comes to a digital marketing freelancer helping a customer in specific services that he knows well.


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