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    E-commerce: a New Feature in Google Search Console

    Google has just created a new section in the Search Console, allowing e-commerce website owners to create and manage a Merchant Center account.

    After updating the review snippet structured data to standardize how numbers are written within the structured data code for reviews, Google announced a new feature in the “Shopping” section of Search Console: Shopping tab listings. This change will be implemented gradually over the next few weeks, so you may not see any change yet.

    “Continuing our efforts to support merchants and help them grow their businesses across Google, Search Console is introducing a new section for Shopping tab listings to help online store owners show their products on the Shopping tab on Google,” said Google.

    From this new section, merchants will be able to create a Merchant Center account using a simplified assisted sign-up process without having to re-verify website ownership.

    With this new feature, there is no need to submit a product feed; merchants simply have to keep the structured product data up-to-date. This streamlined experience will allow products to quickly appear in Google “Shopping” tab.

    The new “Shopping tab listings” feature in Google Search Console
    The new “Shopping tab listings” feature in Google Search Console. Image from Google.

    To get started, navigate to the shopping tab listings section in Search Console.


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