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    Google Analytics 4 Introduces the New Landing Page Report

    Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new version of the popular analytics platform that was released in October 2020. It replaces Universal Analytics (UA), which will be discontinued in July 2023.

    One of the major updates in GA4 is the ability for users to generate landing page reports, which are used to evaluate the effectiveness of landing pages on a website.

    “We’ve added a new Landing page report to help you evaluate the effectiveness of the first pages people land on when they visit your website. Understanding where users first land on your website can help you to optimize your user experience and marketing efforts,” said Google.

    These reports collect data about visits to a website and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each website owner and web analyst.

    Landing Page reports
    Landing Page reports. Image from Google.

    Before this update, landing page reports had to be created manually, which was a time-consuming and unintuitive process. Now, landing page reports can be found in the Engagement section of the GA4 dashboard.

    The default, automated report includes metrics such as views, new users, average engagement time per session, conversions, and total revenue. These fields can be modified and customized to fit the needs of each webmaster.

    Creating custom reports in GA4 is a straightforward process. Simply click the “Custom Report” icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard, select “Metrics,” and add or remove the ones you want in your report. Once you have made your selections, hit “Apply” to generate your report.

    This new update to GA4 will make it easier for website owners and web analysts to test and optimize their landing pages by providing them with more intuitive and customizable reports.


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