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    Google: Expired & Repurposed Domains Are SEO-flotsam & Index-cruft

    John Mueller, Google Search Advocate, described using expired and repurposed domains as the wreckage of a ship or its cargo found floating on the water or washed up by the sea.

    He wrote on Twitter:

    โ€œMany expired, repurposed domains are SEO-flotsam, index-cruft, and luckily search engines have had a lot of practice with dealing with that appropriately. Build a new site if you want, don’t assume there’s old & tasty SEO-juice to lick up just by placing a site on an old domain.โ€

    At this point, it is recommended to start with a new domain and build its authority from scratch, rather than buy an old domain thinking that it comes with authority, backlinks, and traffic.


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