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    Google Launches Advanced Search Features, Including In-Video Search

    Google is introducing several new search features in India, including in-video search, bilingual search results, bilingual voice search and natural language search in Google Pay.

    These features are aimed at improving the search experience for users in India, but may eventually be rolled out to other countries as well.

    Search in Video

    One of the new search features being introduced in India is the ability to search within YouTube videos. This feature allows users to search for specific topics mentioned in a video and quickly skip to the relevant section. This can be particularly useful for longer videos where it may be difficult to find specific information.

    In a blog post, Google wrote:

    “Besides images, videos are also a rich source of visual information but it’s often hard to find something buried inside a long clip. For example, perhaps you’re watching a long video about Agra, and you’re curious if it also covers Fatehpur Sikri. With a new feature we’re piloting, you’re now able to search for anything that’s mentioned in a video, right from Search. Simply enter a search term using the ‘Search in video’ feature and quickly find what you’re looking for.”

    Bilingual Search Results

    Google is also making search results in India bilingual, serving results in both the user’s local language and English. This is aimed at making it easier for users who speak multiple languages to find and explore information. The bilingual search feature is initially being rolled out in Hindi, with plans to expand to other Indian languages in the coming year.

    “Language needs in India are becoming more dynamic, and multilingual, and we’re also seeing this reflected in people’s search experiences. Notably, the majority of Google users in India consume more than one language.

    To make it easier for people who use more than one language to seek and explore information, we’re now making search results pages bilingual, for people who prefer it that way,” stated Google.

    Bilingual Voice Search

    In addition to bilingual search results, Google is also improving its speech recognition technology for Hinglish speakers, a hybrid of Hindi and English. This allows users in India to conduct voice searches using both Hindi and English in the same query and have Google understand their search intent.

    “We want to help more people, and specifically Indians, ask questions naturally and intuitively with their voice. Today we’re announcing a new speech recognition model that can more effectively understand people who speak in Hinglish. We’re doing this through the use of a new, neural-network inspired speech recognition model that takes into account the individual’s accents, surrounding sounds, context, and speaking styles,” said Google.

    Natural Language Search in Google Pay

    Google is introducing a new feature in India that allows users to conduct natural language searches in Google Pay. This means users can ask Google Pay questions in a more conversational manner, such as “Show me how much I spent on coffee last week.”

    Google’s new search features in India are aimed at improving the search experience for users in the region and making it easier for them to find and explore information.

    The introduction of in-video search, bilingual search results, bilingual voice search, and natural language search in Google Pay are all designed to make search more intuitive and efficient for users.

    While these features are currently only available in India, it’s possible that they may eventually be rolled out to other countries as well.


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