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    Google Says There is No SEO Compliance Score

    Google Search Liaison said there is no such thing as an SEO compliance score. Rather, Google advised avoiding spamming, technical errors within a website that prevent indexing content, and to consider some best practices about producing content not only for search engines like Google but most especially for humans.

    Google Search Liaison wrote on Mastodon:

    “There is no “SEO compliance” score. Search Essentials is covering things we’ve long said: 1) avoid technical errors that prevent indexing content. 2) don’t spam. 3) consider some best practices about producing content meant for humans.”

    Google has always been encouraging businesses and website owners to deliver unique and high-value content to their visitors to offer the best user experience.

    The creation of relevant and unique content is the key to the success of any business. Indeed, high-value content can improve a website’s SEO performance, which will subsequently drive high-quality traffic to the website and enhance business visibility.


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