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    Google Says URLs Don’t Have to Be in the Same Language as the Page Content

    Google says a URL doesn’t have to be in the same language as the page content, as it doesn’t impact websites’ SEO performance. Indeed, and according to Alan Kent, Google’s Developer Advocate:

    “From an SEO point of view, there’s no negative effect, if the URL is in a different language than the page content.”

    Back in the day, Google said that URLs should be in the same language as the page content.

    “It is better if you have your URLs in the same language as your content,” stated Google in 2015.

    It should come as no surprise, since the company’s algorithms are evolving constantly and rapidly. Thus, many ranking factors might change over time, such as backlinks who have a lot less significant impact as a ranking signal now.

    Here is Alan Kent’s answer in the video below:


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