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    Google Search Introduces Continuous Scrolling on Desktop

    Google is introducing continuous scrolling for desktop search results, as it did last year for mobile search results. Google’s search results on desktop will now load in a continuous scroll instead of dividing the results between pages.

    Google’s version isn’t exactly the “infinite scroll” that users of social media platforms are used to. Actually, Google will display up to six pages of results before asking users to click on “More results”.

    We all know the joke about the second page of search engine results being the best place to hide something. Indeed, people usually tend to avoid going there. Thus, in case your website is not on the first page, this Google’s new feature may increase its visibility.

    According to Google, continuous scrolling is rolling out first for English searches in the United States. Since the company implemented continuous scroll to mobile search results last year, it is likely that more countries and languages will eventually get the feature as well.


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