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    Google Updates Review Snippet Structured Data

    Google has updated the review snippet structured data to recommend using dots over commas for the decimal numbers written within the structured data code for reviews.

    “For decimal numbers, use a dot instead of a comma to specify the value (for example 4.4 instead of 4,4).
    In Microdata and RDFa, you can use content attributes to override the visible content.
    That way, you can show the user whatever style convention you want, while also satisfying the dot requirement for structured data.
    For example:
    <span itemprop=”ratingValue” content=”4.4″>4,4</span> stars

    Some countries’ currency is expressed with commas to separate the main part of the number from the decimal or cents part.

    For instance, one hundred dhs and twenty cents can be expressed in two ways.

    1. Comma version: 100,20 dhs
    2. Dot version: 100.20 dhs

    Google is standardizing how decimals numbers are written within the structured data.

    This update affects the following content types (and subtypes):

    • Book
    • Course
    • Event
    • How-to
    • Local business (only for sites that capture reviews about other local businesses…)
    • Movie
    • Product
    • Recipe
    • Software App

    Can I still use commas, it doesn’t seem critical? Yes, commas still work, but they are no longer recommended. So, it is something you should add to your to-do list.

    “Updated Review Snippet structured data to recommend using dot separators for decimal ratings.
    If you’re currently using comma separators for decimal ratings in your markup, you’ll still be eligible for review snippets.
    However, we recommend that you update your markup for a more accurate interpretation,” explained Google.

    That said, it is best to always keep an eye on Google’s documentation so that you never miss an update.


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