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    Google’s John Mueller on How to Deal With Negative SEO Attacks

    Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, shared a simple solution to deal with negative SEO attacks like competitors pointing spammy links to your domain.

    Mueller has responded to this topic in a Reddit thread. In the “r/SEO forum”, a person believed that his website was a target of negative SEO attacks and was seeking advice.

    Mueller suggested to just ignore the problem by saying:

    “I’d just ignore them.

    Think of it this way, if your competitors are competent, they won’t build links for you. If your competitors are incompetent, the links won’t have any effect.”

    Mueller’s answer is really smart, clear, and direct to the point. A competitor who’s competent enough in link building won’t waste their time with negative SEO attacks.

    Also, Google ignores many links, especially low-quality ones also known as toxic backlinks. Because Google algorithm is smart enough to detect and ignore negative SEO attack.

    Thus, website owners and SEO specialists should ignore negative SEO attacks and should not rush to use the disavow tool, since Google won’t count spammy links.

    Google obviously ignores toxic backlinks, so there’s no need to disavow them, unless the links are coming from worse domains, like Mueller said in the tweet below a year ago.

    Actually, according to a poll on Twitter earlier this year, most SEO professionals don’t use the disavow tool on toxic links, because they have considerable confidence in Google to deal with them automatically.

    The disavow tool is more for recovering from manual action penalties, but you can always use it if it makes you more comfortable.


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