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    Google’s John Mueller: Search is Never Guaranteed

    A website owner asked in the r/TechSEO forum on Reddit why their content isn’t indexed on Google, while other websites republish similar content to theirs and get indexed faster.

    Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, said:

    “Search is never guaranteed, and there are tons of sites that are trying to push their updates into Google. I think what ultimately works best is that you prove to Google (and users) that the updates you’re providing are valuable: unique, compelling, high-quality, and not something that’s already published elsewhere.”

    Mueller also added that website owners and SEO specialists should consider other ways to make their websites valuable in order to improve the possibility that Google indexes their website pages faster.

    “I realize that’s hard when it comes to user-generated content (which I assume some of this will be), but ultimately your site is what you publish, regardless of where it initially comes from. So the more you can do to make sure the indexable content on your site is easily findable and significantly valuable to the web, the more likely Google will be able to pick it up quickly (and that can mean that you block content that you determine is less-valuable from being indexed, for example).”

    In addition, Mueller suggested a little adjustment that websites can make to let Google know that there’s new content available.

    According to Google’s Search Advocate, website owners and SEO professionals should link to their new content from the home page. This can help the new content get on Google’s radar faster.

    “One of the things even smaller, newer sites can do is to mention and link to updates on their homepages. Google usually refreshes homepages more frequently, so if there’s something important & new, make sure you have it there. Many sites do this intuitively, with a sidebar or a section for updates, mentioning the new headlines & linking to the content.”

    That said, getting indexed faster doesn’t mean better ranking on Google and other major search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo. That’s why website owners and SEO professionals should always write SEO friendly content.


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