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    Google’s New Spam Policy for Google Search: Policy Circumvention

    Google has added a new spam policy called “Policy circumvention”. The newly added section basically states that if you attempt to circumvent the Google spam policy, Google may take action against you.

    In other words, if you try to go around Google spam policy, Google may penalize your website.

    Google wrote:

    If you engage in actions intended to bypass our spam or content policies for Google Search, undermine restrictions placed on content, a site, or an account, or otherwise continue to distribute content that has been removed or made ineligible from surfacing, we may take appropriate action which could include restricting or removing eligibility for some of our search features (for example, Top Stories, Discover). Circumvention includes but is not limited to creating or using multiple sites or other methods intended to distribute content or engage in a behavior that was previously prohibited.

    In short, avoid attempting to manipulate Google Search’s ranking algorithms, as doing so increases the likelihood that Google will remove or downgrade your website in Google Search.


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