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    Jack Dorsey Launches Bluesky, a New Social Media Platform That Could Rival Twitter

    Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is planning to launch a new social media platform called Bluesky Social, whose mission is to create a better, decentralized online experience for its users.

    Bluesky, the independent project dedicated to developing decentralized social media, has been funded by Twitter. And since Elon Musk acquired Twitter last week, some have wondered what will happen to the project.

    Initially founded in 2019 while Dorsey was still Twitter’s CEO, he announced Bluesky, just as Musk was finalizing his purchase of Twitter.

    Despite being funded by Twitter, the platform is a completely independent entity that has no connection to Twitter.

    At the moment, the platform is in beta testing and has already reached 30,000 registrations in two days as it prepares for its global launch.

    If you are interested in testing Jack Dorsey’s platform, you can register at


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