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    LinkedIn and GitHub Launch Over 50 Free Software Development Courses

    LinkedIn is collaborating with GitHub to launch over 50 software development courses through LinkedIn Learning for free until February 28, 2023.

    The courses cover the most widely used programming languages in the world by integrating educational videos from LinkedIn with GitHub Codespaces.

    The new educational collaboration between LinkedIn and GitHub will provide developers with real-world coding practice to help them improve their skills.

    As explained by LinkedIn in an announcement:

    “That’s why we paired LinkedIn skills data and expert content with the latest GitHub hands-on practice technology to launch the new LinkedIn Learning with GitHub Codespaces integration. The new feature enables software developers to watch a course and get real workplace-like practice from anywhere. This creates a powerful learning experience requiring only a keyboard-enabled device and an internet connection.
    Now, you can learn and practice in real-world environments at any stage in your software development career—from beginner to advanced—in the most popular programming languages on LinkedIn Learning. So whether you’re learning SQL or advancing your Python coding skills, a developer can get straight from learning to writing code.”

    You will find in the LinkedIn announcement video below an example of how the integration with GitHub works:

    Over 50 free courses from LinkedIn and GitHub

    LinkedIn and GitHub are providing the following courses completely for free until the end of February:

    1. Hands-On Introduction: Python
    2. Hands-On Introduction: Java
    3. Hands-On Introduction: React
    4. Hands-On Introduction: SQL
    5. Tailwind CSS 3 Essential Training
    6. CSS: Animation
    7. Level Up: Python
    8. Hands-On Introduction: JavaScript
    9. Building Monorepos on GitHub
    10. Practice It: Python Data Structures
    11. CSS Layout Code Challenges
    12. Hands-On Introduction: Go
    13. Level Up: Java
    14. CSS Tips
    15. Learning Bash Scripting
    16. CSS: Enhancing Interfaces with Animation
    17. Training Neural Networks in Python
    18. Level Up: Advanced Python
    19. 8 Git Commands You Should Know
    20. Practice It: SQL Joins
    21. Controlling CSS with JavaScript
    22. CSS: Images
    23. Practice It: Java
    24. Data Cleaning in Python Essential Training
    25. Level Up: SQL
    26. Level Up: C
    27. CSS: Scrolling and Parallax
    28. Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack
    29. JavaScript: Functions
    30. Practice It: Go REST API Server
    31. Level Up: Go
    32. Machine Learning with Python: Logistic Regression
    33. Practice It: JavaScript Loops and Conditionals
    34. ESLint: Integrating with Your Workflow
    35. CSS for Programmers
    36. Hands-On Introduction: PHP
    37. Machine Learning with Python: Association Rules
    38. Practice It: PHP Classes and Objects
    39. Level Up: PHP
    40. ESLint: Checking for Syntax and Logic Errors
    41. Hands-On Introduction: ASP.NET Razor Pages
    42. Level Up: Python Data Acquisitions, Prep, and EDA
    43. ESLint: Customizing Styles

    What is LinkedIn learning?

    LinkedIn Learning (formerly is a constantly growing and evolving online course platform offered by the professional social network LinkedIn.

    This educational platform provides you with accessible training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of topics.

    All you need now is a LinkedIn account and an internet-connected computer to start learning and improving your programming skills.


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