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    New Google Search Status Dashboard to Check if Google Search is Down

    Google is introducing a new tool called “Search Status Dashboard” that will provide real-time updates on the status of the company’s search engine.

    The dashboard allows users to quickly check if there are any issues with crawling, indexing, or serving search results. This will provide a more convenient way for users to stay informed about the status of the search engine, as previously Google’s Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) would use Google Search Central’s Twitter account to inform users of any outages.

    Google Search Status Dashboard
    Google Search Status Dashboard. Image from Google.

    The Search Status Dashboard will be accessible to all users, and can be found on the Google Search Central website. It will display the current status of the search engine, as well as any recent issues that have been identified and resolved.

    In addition to providing information on outages and other issues, Google will also provide resources and tips that can help resolve the problem.

    “Outside of the traditional status update you might see, we will also try to provide more information that might resolve the solution. For example, in the hypothetical scenario that the nameserver handling domain name resolution for millions of sites refuses Googlebot’s connection requests, we may post an update saying that changing nameservers may mitigate the issue sites are experiencing,” said Google.

    Google claims that widespread issues and disruptions are “rare,” but the recent outage in August 2022 highlighted the need for a tool like the Search Status Dashboard.

    Instead of users flooding Twitter with questions about the status of the search engine, they will be able to check the dashboard for updates.

    And, in the event of an outage, Google will post an update within an hour of confirming the issue, and will provide consecutive updates every 12 hours until the problem is resolved.

    Google has also published a new help document on how to use this dashboard.

    In short, the introduction of the Search Status Dashboard is a welcome addition for users of Google’s search engine. It will provide a quick and easy way to stay informed about the status of the search engine, and will help users to identify and resolve any issues that may arise.


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