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    The Power of Emojis in Marketing

    Originally from Japan and now used daily by 92% of the online population, emojis have become the language of the internet. In fact, the “😂”, also known as “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji, has been named the word of the year 2015 by Oxford Dictionaries.

    In terms of digital communication, can emojis really do wonders for your business? Read on to learn more about the power of emojis!

    Emojis increase engagement

    A recent study by Quintly found that posts on Instagram containing emojis in the caption received on average 47.7% more interactions compared to posts that did not contain emojis.

    Also, according to Intercom, posts from businesses that contain an emoji are four times more likely to elicit a response from a customer than those that do not.

    Emojis help you humanize your brand

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, an emoji is worth more! To deliver an exceptional customer experience, businesses must focus on making emotional connection with them by integrating emojis in their digital communication strategy.

    Adding emojis to your marketing campaigns is an opportunity to show the human side of your business!

    Emojis make your digital communication more friendly

    Today, all social media platforms are emoji-friendly, because most people enjoy using them. In fact, 92% of social media users like to add emojis when they talk to a friend, so why not add them to your digital communication and make it more friendly?

    In conclusion, emojis are now a universal language. Contrary to what most people think, emojis should not be used only casually among friends, but also by businesses who want to take their digital communication to a whole new level.

    So, are you going to use emojis in your next marketing campaign? If so, it’s time to move on to the next step and learn how to use emojis in your 2022 marketing campaigns.


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