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    The Pros and Cons of Landing Pages

    Landing pages are distinct from other pages on your website because they are centered on a specific short-term goal to achieve the results desired. For example, getting a certain number of visitors to call you.

    Today, Digital Out Loud will explain the pros and cons of landing pages. And if you haven’t already built one, here are 6 good reasons to create a landing page for your business.

    What is the purpose of a landing page?

    The purpose of having a landing page is to promote a certain product or service and encourage people to take action. The latter is hosted on your main domain. The URL reflects your campaign’s purpose.

    Pros of a landing page

    The benefits of building a landing page for your business are unlimited. Here are a few important ones to know:

    • It can be quickly deployed.
    • It increases the search engine visibility of the website.
    • It’s a tool for making a call to action.
    • It helps measure and analyze user activity, providing valuable information to the marketing department.
    • An effective tool for boosting the conversion rate.
    • It reduces maintenance costs.
    • It provides opportunities to test and understand what your customers expect from you.
    • It enhances your credibility.
    • It strengthens your brand.

    Cons of a landing page

    Anything that has pros has cons as well, and so has a landing page:

    • It is very demanding on the quality of CTAs.
    • It is informative, which may not be satisfactory to all users
    • The recurring costs to keep your landing pages maintained.
    • It can be difficult to export page data from a page builder to standard HTML, or to switch from one platform to another.


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