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    Visual Elements Gallery: Google’s New Illustrated Guide of Google Search

    Google launches a new illustrated guide called “visual elements gallery” that lists the most common and impactful UI elements of Google Search.

    Google has outlined the most common types of search result visual elements that you might see in Google Search.

    Anatomy of search results page
    Anatomy of search results page. Image from Google.
    • Text result: A result in Google Search that’s based on the textual content of the page.
    • Rich result: A result that typically relies on structured data in the markup of your page to display graphical elements or interactive experiences.
    • Image result: A result that’s based on an image that’s embedded on that web page. An image result is more likely to show for image-seeking queries.
    • Video result: A result that’s based on a video that’s embedded on that web page. A video result is more likely to show for video-seeking queries.
    • Exploration features: A feature that helps searchers expand and refine their initial search.

    This Google’s new help page explains each of the elements above by illustrating how it may appear in search result pages.

    Google’s Visual Elements Gallery provides information on 22 different search features, and there may be more in the future. Indeed, Google plans on updating it as more features are added.

    “Our new setup makes it easier for us to add new visual elements to the gallery without too much effort on our part; that is in fact our plan: as a visual element becomes popular on search result pages, we may add it to the gallery. However, we aim to only add those elements that hold some significance for site owners and SEOs,” said Google.


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