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    Why is It Important to Customize Your Website’s 404 Error Page

    We all know by now that when a URL is unavailable, the user is redirected to the 404 error page. In addition to being upset, the user may be disappointed to come across a page that does not exist.

    It is therefore preferable to do everything possible to reassure the user so that he remains on your website despite the inconvenience. You can achieve this by personalizing your 404 error page.

    6 reasons to customize your error page

    Keep your visitors on your website

    A personalized 404 error page is important to prevent visitors from leaving your website. The longer the user browses your content, the more information they are exposed to and the greater your chances of achieving your goals.

    Hence, the interest of creating a personalized 404 error page. Its purpose is to extend the duration of the visit to your website and to make the experience, overall, more pleasant.

    Reassure and Explain to the Internet user on which page he landed

    Most internet users don’t know what “404 error” means. On the other hand, explaining that the page cannot be found or that it does not exist is more relevant.

    The presence of the personalized page on your website reassures your visitors and encourages them to continue browsing. It can also be beneficial for individuals who are inexperienced with the Internet and who may be confused by falling on an error page.

    Demonstrate professionalism

    Customizing the 404 error page shows professionalism and that you have taken the necessary steps to control the situation, even in the event of a 404 error page.

    Play on humor

    To prevent the user from feeling frustrated, the 404 error page can be treated in a humorous way, with a message and/or an illustration. Or in a functional way, with information allowing those who fall on it to find their way back, like a call to action, to come back to the home page.

    Keep the graphic charter of your site

    If you don’t want your users to be confused, consider keeping the header and footer the same as your site, as well as the sidebars. The user will be able to see that he is still on the same website, and that he will be able to find what he was looking for, despite the inconvenience.

    A better user experience for your visitors

    Your custom 404 page can help redirect your visitors to relevant content, such as blog posts, signup forms, and more.

    The latter allows you to take care of your image, assert your brand and create a better customer experience, which reduces the probability that a user will leave your site.

    5 examples of custom 404 error pages to find inspiration

    Burger King

    Burger King's 404 Error Page
    Burger King’s 404 Error Page. Image from Burger King.


    NASA's 404 Error Page
    NASA’s 404 Error Page. Image from NASA.


    Blizzard's 404 Error Page
    Blizzard’s 404 Error Page. Image from Blizzard.


    Pixar's 404 Error Page
    Pixar’s 404 Error Page. Image from Pixar.


    LEGO's 404 Error Page
    LEGO’s 404 Error Page. Image from LEGO.


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