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    You’re Already a Good Content Creator but You Don’t Know That Yet

    We tend to overcomplicate things, especially content creation. We ask ourselves too many questions that it gets overwhelming: What do I post? What topic I should talk about? How can I stay consistent? How do I not run out of topics soon? Etc.

    We become babies when we discover something new. We believe we know nothing about it and must learn everything from scratch. Odds are that you already know everything you need to know about content creation or the topic you want to discuss or create content around.

    You probably already come up with content every day when you talk to your friends, but you don’t record it. Why haven’t you run out of ideas? Why are you able to talk about everything every day?

    Yes, the “platform” is different. Yes, the people who’ll read/watch your content aren’t your friends. However, you can do the same thing.

    I will remind you of how and why you always have things to say to your friends every day: you encounter new people, you have new experiences, you scroll on social media or browse the internet, and you’re continuously finding new facts or stories to share. And then you catch up with your friends and chat about everything you’ve experienced, seen, and encountered. With a little storytelling, you can talk about anything and everything for hours.

    So if you want to create content, do as if you’ll catch up with your friends on a specific day. Learn, experience, and do as much as you can. Structure it, and talk about it.


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