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Abra has exceptional human capital with more than 1000 experts from different fields of technology, especially BI/AI, ERP, CRM, Web & Mobile, R&D Solutions, Cyber Security, Cloud & Infrastructure, e-Commerce, Strategy Realization and more. Abra provides a range of technological solutions that work together in perfect synergy. By applying our ability to integrate between different technological solutions and business goals, we provide our customers with unique solutions that meet their specific needs. Abra is business partner with the world's largest software manufacturers, including Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Priority, Oro, Magento,, AWS and Red Hat. Abra creates innovative technological solutions that contribute to the growth and evolving of our customers in a range of industries and sectors. Abra also provides customers with comprehensive services to ensure stable, long-term partnerships, including developing tailormade solutions, operating and maintaining core systems, and providing strategic consultancy.

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