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Taqnia is a Qatari creative agency specialized in creative design and digital marketing. Our focus is concentrated on combining creative design and marketing principles with modern technology to strengthen the customer reach of our clients digitally and thus an increase in sales and grow better. We help companies reach more customer through creative designs and targeted marketing. Taqnia was established in 2017, to solve the Qatari market’s need to move from traditional marketing methods to modern ones while preserving Qatari traditions and identity. Our aim is to achieve companies goal of growing better and to achieve economic prosperity in Qatar and to participate in achieving the vision of State of Qatar. Our office is located in the C-Ring Road in Doha in State of Qatar, and our team, which are locally hired works from and is consisting of Arab youth who grew up and brought up in the State of Qatar from a young age whom are fully familiar with the Qatari customs and traditions.

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